Education & Learning Coaching

“We can’t change the wind, but we can set the sails right.” Aristotle


Systemic Consultation and Coaching for Parents with education question

  • ADHD as Opportunity  
  • In harmony with strong emotions
  • The defiance phase
  • Appreciation and Thoughtfulness
  • Limits that make sense
  • Elegant handling aggressions 

In my experience, all children have a large amount of resources and very great potential. Sometimes your resources are so strong that they can become a very stressful situation for the immediate environment. How do I proceed?

Some children strive for autonomy very early on. They usually present their parents with major challenges. With self-determined children in appreciative parent-child relationships, the question always applies: How do I find the right balance between freedom and leadership?

ADHD as an opportunity!  Children with ADHD have a Lamborghini engine with bicycle brakes. This can become uncomfortable, if the brakes are not adjusted and improved. Which method or combination of different methods suits my child?

What are the best Methods, Strategies or Rituals for my family and me? What suits us best?

Systemic Learn coaching for kids, teens and there parents

  • Successful Learn Strategies
  • Overcome Fear and Resistance  
  • Master the trouble subjects  
  • Improve Media Literacy, competence and Skills  
  • Efficient handling Mobbing and Cyber Mobbing  

Fear and stress in general is slowing down and hinder the process of learning. Which can lead to learning difficulties or learning disorders. How can I identify and overcome fear and stress?

Which learn strategies do I use and good do they fit me? How can I study best? What is my learning style and which strategies are needed to accomplish my goals?   

During puberty, not only are there physically visible changes, but massive changes also take place in the brain and new connections are made between the nerve cells. 

Consciousness is expanding and needs to be restructured. These changes lead to a changed self-image. You’re no longer a child, but you’re not an adult either. Quite often, this brings with it doubt and uncertainty, which leads to frustration and demarcation. Which approach is the best individually?

Group Training and Workshops

Trainings and workshops are an effective tool for individuals as well as teams to overcome challenges or optimize existing processes. Used in a strategically sensible way, they make a significant contribution to the continuous improvement of both internal and cross-departmental work processes in companies and institutions.  

I offer a diverse repertoire of training and workshop concepts that can be individually adapted and implemented to meet your needs. My way of working is characterized by creativity and flexibility. It is my motivation to bring you and your team one step closer to your goals with varied and sustainable knowledge transfer as well as practical and goal-oriented methods. 

Where do you want to improve?

About Me


+ Lecturer and coach in the educational institution

+ Teacher and coach in various elementary schools and high schools

+ Trainer and coach for athletics in the field of children’s and youth sports


+ Training to become a systemic coach and trainer

+ Studied education, politics and philosophy

My Claim

+ Child-friendly + Systemic + Solution-oriented + Suitable for everyday use + Humorous + Playful + Authentic +


If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email. I will then get in touch with you and we will arrange an orientation meeting in which you describe your concerns to me and we will discuss how to proceed.